I come to your bed to kiss you goodnight

As I reflect on the day we had

My impatience with you today was unreasonable

It wasn’t your fault,  it was mine

Fatigue clouded my emotions

That’s no excuse for the harsh words,  angry stares

Too often I forget you are only a child

Being a parent doesn’t mean

You always have all the answers

I don’t expect you to understand

The frustrations and disappointments of an Adult

It wasn’t anything you did in particular

You raced about laughing and playing

A perfectly happy healthy child

I never want you to change

You couldn’t be a sweeter child

As I sit watching you sleep

A large lump crowds my throat

I want to tell you I’m sorry

But that won’t change the events of the day

Or the way I complained

Tomorrow is another day,  a new beginning

I pray for patience and understanding

As I lean down to kiss my precious sleeping child

I realize again how much I love him

Just the way he is……Precious!