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Buying groceries can sometimes be very funny

It takes a considerable amount of money

And other times it’s a stressful job

In the presence of a devious mob

Women snatch cereal from you child’s hand

As they check from their list the chosen brand

They scamper down the isles

With check-out lines that stretch for miles

You have all your coupons in tact

And hope all your groceries have been sacked

As you’re leaving,  what do you spy?

A ‘Mrs. Bairds’ label out of the corner of an eye

It’s been smashed like a pancake

Oh,  for chrissake!

Can’t they refrain from smashing the bread?

I guess it’s more fun to flirt with the checkers instead.


At age six,  I won a smiling contest

Without front teeth,  I was obviously the best

They picked me and this guy

His name (I thought) was Pinky

When he laughed,  I knew why

He turned pink from head to toe

At least he had front teeth,  wouldn’t you know?

I never saw Pinky after first grade

Over the years his memory  began to fade

During a government class my senior year

Why,  who should appear….

It was Grady,  AKA Pinky,  or at least I thought it was him

Because when he laughed the shade of pink was hard to dim

I didn’t confront him about first grade

My suspicions were confirmed,  with the inscription he made

In my annual he wrote:

“It’s easy to see why you won the smiling contest,  don’t ever loose that smile.”

…..I guess,  A single Smile can make Life Worthwhile……