He came to me,  the night before Valentine’s Day

From my son and his friend

Jake had been abandoned or lost in a thunderstorm

A fur ball of playfulness

For me it was love at first sight

The best little lap dog you have ever seen

We loved Jake like he was one of the family

And when he was about 3 months old

He got real sick, from a generic dog food

The doctor gave him some medicine and a shot

We were all optimistic about him getting well

But that didn’t happen

He got much worse

When I would take him out front to do his business

He would feebly walk to the street and look back at me

He knew he was dying and wanted to run away 

When he was in the house he would crawl into the tightest spaces

We were so depressed,  we didn’t know what to do for him

Then one day my son said,  “Mom, we have to do something,  he’s going to die.”

Something inside me went into emergency mode

I jumped up off the couch

I told my son to go buy me some pedialite a few jars of beef and chicken baby food

In the utensil drawer I had a meat injector syringe

I filled it (after removing the tip) with pedialite

And just like they give pills to horses

I shot the pedialite down his throat

I repeated this every two hours

The next day I put the pedialite in his bowl

He drank the whole bottle of pedialite in two day

And the next day I began the regimen of baby food

I started with chicken and one of my kids baby spoons

He really liked it

And after that we went to the beef

He loved that

The next day we tried the stage three baby food

Which is chunky

And he ate the whole jar!

So,  in three days we had our Jake back!!!

He started gaining the weight back that he had lost

And was on the road to recovery

This all happened in 2008

Now it’s 2012 and just look at this beautiful dog we got by chance

He’s a mix of Border Collie and Sheppard

He is one of a kind

He thinks he’s one of the family

We have given him unconditional love

And in return he has chosen to protect us

I have never owned a dog this amazing

He’s smart, loving, playful, beautiful and loyal

But now, there’s one thing he’s not…

A lap dog!!!