He came to me,  the night before Valentine’s Day

From my son and his friend

Jake had been abandoned or lost in a thunderstorm

A fur ball of playfulness

For me it was love at first sight

The best little lap dog you have ever seen

We loved Jake like he was one of the family

And when he was about 3 months old

He got real sick, from a generic dog food

The doctor gave him some medicine and a shot

We were all optimistic about him getting well

But that didn’t happen

He got much worse

When I would take him out front to do his business

He would feebly walk to the street and look back at me

He knew he was dying and wanted to run away 

When he was in the house he would crawl into the tightest spaces

We were so depressed,  we didn’t know what to do for him

Then one day my son said,  “Mom, we have to do something,  he’s going to die.”

Something inside me went into emergency mode

I jumped up off the couch

I told my son to go buy me some pedialite a few jars of beef and chicken baby food

In the utensil drawer I had a meat injector syringe

I filled it (after removing the tip) with pedialite

And just like they give pills to horses

I shot the pedialite down his throat

I repeated this every two hours

The next day I put the pedialite in his bowl

He drank the whole bottle of pedialite in two day

And the next day I began the regimen of baby food

I started with chicken and one of my kids baby spoons

He really liked it

And after that we went to the beef

He loved that

The next day we tried the stage three baby food

Which is chunky

And he ate the whole jar!

So,  in three days we had our Jake back!!!

He started gaining the weight back that he had lost

And was on the road to recovery

This all happened in 2008

Now it’s 2012 and just look at this beautiful dog we got by chance

He’s a mix of Border Collie and Sheppard

He is one of a kind

He thinks he’s one of the family

We have given him unconditional love

And in return he has chosen to protect us

I have never owned a dog this amazing

He’s smart, loving, playful, beautiful and loyal

But now, there’s one thing he’s not…

A lap dog!!!


Creativity is an expression from the soul…

For the Photographer,  the lens is the window to the world

For the Painter,  the brush,  strokes images onto the canvas,  for the world to see

For the Writer,  the world unlocks the keys to the mind

Thoughts become words that flow onto the paper to share with the world

To Me,  all of the above are Artist’s of different genres

Each genre is very amazing and unique

So, the next time you look closely at a picture,  a painting;  dig deeper when reading a poem,  a prose or a novel

And remember…creativity is a window to the soul…the window pane is the Artist’s personality.



I come to your bed to kiss you goodnight

As I reflect on the day we had

My impatience with you today was unreasonable

It wasn’t your fault,  it was mine

Fatigue clouded my emotions

That’s no excuse for the harsh words,  angry stares

Too often I forget you are only a child

Being a parent doesn’t mean

You always have all the answers

I don’t expect you to understand

The frustrations and disappointments of an Adult

It wasn’t anything you did in particular

You raced about laughing and playing

A perfectly happy healthy child

I never want you to change

You couldn’t be a sweeter child

As I sit watching you sleep

A large lump crowds my throat

I want to tell you I’m sorry

But that won’t change the events of the day

Or the way I complained

Tomorrow is another day,  a new beginning

I pray for patience and understanding

As I lean down to kiss my precious sleeping child

I realize again how much I love him

Just the way he is……Precious!




Buying groceries can sometimes be very funny

It takes a considerable amount of money

And other times it’s a stressful job

In the presence of a devious mob

Women snatch cereal from you child’s hand

As they check from their list the chosen brand

They scamper down the isles

With check-out lines that stretch for miles

You have all your coupons in tact

And hope all your groceries have been sacked

As you’re leaving,  what do you spy?

A ‘Mrs. Bairds’ label out of the corner of an eye

It’s been smashed like a pancake

Oh,  for chrissake!

Can’t they refrain from smashing the bread?

I guess it’s more fun to flirt with the checkers instead.

At age six,  I won a smiling contest

Without front teeth,  I was obviously the best

They picked me and this guy

His name (I thought) was Pinky

When he laughed,  I knew why

He turned pink from head to toe

At least he had front teeth,  wouldn’t you know?

I never saw Pinky after first grade

Over the years his memory  began to fade

During a government class my senior year

Why,  who should appear….

It was Grady,  AKA Pinky,  or at least I thought it was him

Because when he laughed the shade of pink was hard to dim

I didn’t confront him about first grade

My suspicions were confirmed,  with the inscription he made

In my annual he wrote:

“It’s easy to see why you won the smiling contest,  don’t ever loose that smile.”

…..I guess,  A single Smile can make Life Worthwhile……

My garden is a quiet place

For me and me alone

So whether I plant,  prune,  or sit and think

The pleasure is all my own

Flowing through my garden

Are many treasured things

Blooms of radiant annuals

And rich evergreens

My garden requires a lot of time

And the caress of gently hand

s Along with rain,  a kiss from the sun

A watchful eye it demands

My back has felt the fruits of labor

My hands have pruned the vines

Today I reap what yesterday was sown

And the pleasure is solely mine.

There is an old man who sits by the road

The lines on his face reveal hardships untold

I know not why he sits in this way

Or why he appears at this place everyday

All that he owns are the shoes on his feet

By victim of circumstance this man is discreet

For his past,  has now been spent

And is left without money to pay the rent

He cannot change the events that have occurred

Or the fact that his foresight is temporarily blurred

But up from the darkness his spirit will prevail

Then the light in his eyes won’t seem so pale

His purpose in life he again will find

If he can only keep from looking behind

I pray that soon the day will come and the old man will no longer be there

I shall take comfort in the thought…..he is free from despair.

Pretty Ballerina for all the world to see

A delicate Angel,  I know you will agree

A picture of elegance,  as she dances across the floor

Her dress swirls behind her,  like waves on a distant shore

Her movement is effortless,  so carefree

There’s no place she’d rather be

Graceful arms float like a butterfly

Caress the wind,  as they reach for the sky

Soft music will forever ring in her ears

Her inspiration to dance, quenches all fears

The days for her are filled with song

Unto no one will her soul belong

Pretty Ballerina for all the world to see

My baby girl,  you will always be.

Moms and Their Boys